雅思口语升格短语第一期 | 雅思笔记

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friendship / contact old friends

$$\text{contact someone again} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{get back in touch}}$$

$$\text{not good at maintaining contact with someone} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{bad at keeping in touch with}}$$

$$\text{be enthusiastic about something} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{be into something}}$$

$$\text{become friend from the very begining} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{hit it off right from the word go}}$$

$$\text{take a different path in life} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{go our separate ways}}$$

$$\text{expreess feeling and opinions directly to someone} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{tell (you) straight to (your) face}}$$

$$\text{less and less frequent} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{far and few between}}$$

$$\text{mainly my fault or responsibility} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{be largely down to me}}$$

$$\text{continue again from the last time we met} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{start out where (we) left off}}$$

family and friends

$$\text{prepare to share a dinner meal} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{arrange a dinner date}}$$

$$\text{someone who sympathize me} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{a shoulder to cry on}}$$

$$\text{someone that I care about} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{dear to my heart}}$$

$$\text{reach out to someone in a friendly manner} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{extend the hand of friendship}}$$

$$\text{learning different aspects of each other} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{get to know one another}}$$

$$\text{a friend that you have lost contact with} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{long lost friend}}$$

$$\text{look after our relationships with friends} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{nurture our friendships}}$$

$$\text{share a similar heritage or cultrue} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{share a common background}}$$

$$\text{last a long time} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{stand the test of time}}$$

$$\text{make friends} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{struck up a friendship}}$$

$$\text{to like each other straight away} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{to hit if off}}$$


$$\text{make you think of a time in the past} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{go back a bit}}$$

$$\text{something important from your past you will never forget} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{stand out in the memory}}$$

$$\text{spend a lot of money on something} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{lash out on sth.}}$$

$$\text{make you think about things in a new way} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{stetch (your) imagination}}$$

$$\text{a very enjoyable time with someone, especially parents with children} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{spend quality time}}$$

$$\text{pass things to the next generation} \rightarrow \text{\color{pink}{hand something down}}$$

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