雅思写作升格短语第一期 | 雅思笔记

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$$\text{超越} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{surpass, overtake, override, exceed, excel over, overstep, win over, outdo}}$$

$$\text {try one’s best to do} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink} {try one’s utmost to do}}$$

$$\text {追求卓越} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{pursuing excellence}}$$

$$\text{不知所措} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{be at a lost about what to do}}$$

$$\text{without doubt} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{we cannot deny that / admittedly / we may safely conclude that}}$$

$$\text{cooperation} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{collaboration}}$$

$$\text{sb. believe that} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{sb. hold that}}$$

$$\text{very} \rightarrow \text{extremely} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{exceptionally}}$$

$$\text{保持兴趣} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{maintain one’s interest in}}$$

$$\text{different from} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{contrary to}}$$

$$\text{差不多的人} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{counterparts}}$$

$$\text{榜样} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{rolemodel}}$$

$$\text{finally} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{eventually}}$$

$$\text{对…开明的} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{be open to}}$$

$$\text{…and so on} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{…to mention only a few}}$$

$$\text{school work} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{academic study}}$$

$$\text{important} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{essential}}$$

$$\text{addict / be addicted to} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{obsess / be obsession with}}$$

$$\text{就此而言,至于那个} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{for that matter}}$$

$$\text{心理上和生理上} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{psychologically and physiologically}}$$

$$\text{communication} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{interaction}}$$

$$\text{be careful about/be worried about} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{be cautious about}}$$

$$\text{definitely} \leftrightarrow \text{certainly} \leftrightarrow \text{absolutely}$$

$$\text{because of} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{as a result of / due to / on account of / in consequence of / owing to}}$$

$$\text{give sb. sth.} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{grant sb. sth.}}$$

$$\text{hold the view that} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{hold the belief / opinion that}}$$

$$\text{similarly} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{by the same token}}$$

$$\text{nowadays} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{in contemporary world}}$$

$$\text{坚信} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{firmly believe / strongly convinced / hold the strong opinion that}}$$

$$\text{all over the world} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{every corner of the world}}$$

$$\text{快速生长} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{mushroomed}}$$

$$\text{is true / reasonalbe in some ways / aspects / respects} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{…may contain a grain of truth}}$$

$$\text{it is possible that / it is likely that} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{chances are that}}$$

$$\text{最新技术} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{state-of-art technology}}$$

$$\text{有充分理由做某事} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{have every reason to do sth.}}$$

$$\text{get one’s attention} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{arouse the eye-ball of sb.}}$$

$$\text{使某人从某事中分心} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{distract sb. from sth.}}$$

$$\text{对…付部分责任} \rightarrow \text{partly result in / partly lead to} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{be partly responsible for}}$$

$$\text{总结} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{to put it in a nutshell / to conclude / in conclusion / in short / all in all / in a word}}$$

$$\text{as a result} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{therefore / thus / consequently}}$$

$$\text{赞成,支持(support)} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{advocate sth.}}$$

$$\text{understand} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{get acquainted with}}$$

$$\text{开拓视野} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{boarden one’s vision / horizon / perspective}}$$

$$\text{have a better understanding of} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{gain a better understanding of}}$$

$$\text{有待商榷} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{be still up for debate}}$$

$$\text{only} \rightarrow \text{simply} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{exclusively}}$$

$$\text{in fact / actually} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{as a matter of fact / in reality}}$$

$$\text{many} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{plentiful / numerous}}$$

$$\text{难以忍受的} \rightarrow \text{\textcolor{pink}{intolerable /unendurable / unbearable / insufferable / hard to tolerate / hard to endure}}$$

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